Member Sightings


Date and Time of the Event: 04/1973/74

Event Location:: 7-8 miles northeast of independence IA on the ************* farm. Late spring during the thaw.

Object Shape: Oval

Surface of Object: Glowing 

Structural Features of Object: Patterned Surface 

Prominent Colors:: Brilliant white light on top , rotating red/white lights on circular bottom. Object had smooth surface with ribs that when from top to bottom to rotating lights 

Total Number of Witnesses : 1

Description of Event: 
    I was cleaning out a barn in the early evening. Hauling manure to a field located a short tractor drive to the field. It was pretty dark out, small lights on the tractor. As I made the blind left hand turn into the field the hair started to stand up on the back of my neck and I had a feeling of foreboding that something was in the field As I entered the field I saw fairly large object sitting on the ground surrounded by light fog coming off the ground. Object had a brilliant white light on top of a round dome. Not so bright as to blind me, bright enough to light the area surrounding the object. Object surface was dimly lit. The bottom of the object had a series of rotating red/white lights moving in circular direction around the base. There was no noise being made other than the small cablesss tractor I was on, Farmall Super-C Not sure how long I stayed there, long enough to know it wasn't a normal object. I had been in that field numerous times day and night for the past few years so I was familiar with the area. I left without unloading the spreader, went back to barn and parked the tractor, called it quits for the night. Went home my parents house and never said a word to them. The next day I went back to the farm after school and explained to the farmer what I had experienced, said it was lights reflecting of a power substation near hazelton

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