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It is 3 a.m. on November 30, 1989. On the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a motorcade carrying international diplomats, including a U.N. representative of the highest standing, stalls out and comes to a halt beneath the FDR Drive. An enormous reddish-orange UFO looms above an apartment building, where a pretty housewife is seen by the members of the motorcade to float out of a 12th-story window, accompanied by three ugly gray aliens, and into the spaceship. Because those involved, including the woman ("Linda Cortile"), the U.N. diplomat and his security men (probably "CIA or NSA"), eventually read Hopkins's bestselling last book, Intruders, they all end up contacting him.


Hopkins, who uses hypnotism in interviewing UFO abduction claimants, argued in his first book, Missing Time, that UFO aliens had inserted implant devices in several children. Here, after researching 125 supposed abductions, he reports on "the apparent interbreeding of an alien species with our own." During hypnotic sessions, men have told of being raped by alien females and women have related experiences interpreted by Hopkins as ova-retrieval and artificial insemination. The book's key case involves Kathie Davis, a 28-year-old Indianapolis mother who described under hypnosis multiple abductions and gynecological operations, and the investigation here extends to the UFO experiences of her children, relatives and friends. Hopkins's disarming manner as he leads the reader through the steps of his research adds credibility to the science-fictional aspects of this account. True or not, the author's speculations equal the excitement generated by his earlier book.

Missing Time

In Intruders Budd Hopkins explored the shocking truth about the contact between earthling and alien: that human beings are temporarily abducted and taken aboard UFOs. But Hopkins could not have told the stories of those victims without first having discovered the one experience common to all who report alien encounters -- the phenomenon known as "missing time."

Missing time tells how the people who have experienced abductions retained no memory of them -- all traces of the trauma were effectively erased from their memory. Yet, under hypnosis, many abductees were able to recall in vivid, convincing detail, the harrowing experiments that left mysterious scars on their bodies, the eerie interiors of UFOs where they were held captive, and the astonishing faces of their alien hosts.

The stories of seven victims of these otherworldly intruders are told her

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